Monday, 8 December 2008

Performance in a downturn

Reviewing my activities over the last few months, it has been interesting to observe the different reactions that individuals and companies have to a downturn. Broadly speaking, conversations have led into one of two camps. The first is the more pessimistic, that cutbacks in budget are leading to reductions in planned expenditure - and that taking on new initiatives at this time would be foolish. The second camp, reveals a more entrepreneurial spirit - in that the downturn creates opportunity to develop better cost/efficiency in IT management processes and that additional value can be delivered to the business by implementing cost-savings measures.

As the CIO magazine reported recently, CIOs must show leadership to guide their organisations through the downturn. Delivering performance in a downturn is a test of guts, and presents a real opportunity to those who choose to grasp it. For some, improving cost/efficiency of their IT operations means pruning staff numbers - but for others, it means delivering increased results with a declining budget. Determination to deliver maximum value to your customer can position CIOs and IT professionals in the best place to weather this downturn.


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