Friday, 18 April 2008

The 4 Elements to Performance

Engineering systems performance will always have 4 main disciplines that divide and segment the community. However the value of synergy, when understood, will lead to greater value in focus of investment. Between being reactive and predictive, there are a raft of options available to the VP Operations to ensure performance through turbulent business or operating conditions:

1) Performance Diagnostics. Detecting and isolating problem areas: hotspots, bottlenecks and high latency components.

2) Performance Tuning. Optimizing configuration items to decrease latency and/or improve throughput.

3) Performance Testing. Checking any new release for performance, ensuring the quality of any change to business process or operating environment.

4) Performance Simulation. Predicting the impact of any proposed change to business process or operating environment, providing insight to make cost-effective investment decisions.

Whether in IT or in other business areas, progressive performance engineering which delivers all of these elements can provide significant value to a business which seeks best value for money, optimized business operations and ultimately, alignment with customer demands.