Monday, 20 October 2008

Model universe

A respected friend and technical expert discussed recently his concept of a Model Universe for an IT organisation. Conceptually, each and every activity that an IT organisation undertakes in delivering business value should be documented and understood using modelling techniques. Some people misunderstand business value.

Business value isn't described in computer talk, ITIL jargon, or CMMI frameworks. Business value is demonstrated in hard cash, brand awareness and market reputation. Business value is delivered by IT organisations in the generation of revenue, capacity for market access and quality of service to its customers. The value of a model universe can best be understood by removing the understanding of each of those attributes. It is the understanding that is captured and documented with a model, the understanding of the performance of the revenue generating vehicle, the capacity of the vehicle to access the market, and the quality of the service that the vehicle provides.

Without the understanding, you have a vehicle but no blueprint. You have the car, but no owners manual. Without the model universe, you have the capacity but are unaware of the limits. If you had that insight, what would you do with it?

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